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Bulgaria is a beautiful country located in Eastern Europe. They speak Bulgarian and have a Cyrillic alphabet. Its population is just over 7 million and most are located in the capital and larger cities. Many of the smaller villages are being abandoned and left with the elderly. Bulgaria actually has the most extreme population decline in the world. Many Bulgarians have lost hope for their country and are trying to move to “better” places in Western Europe and the United States. 

Bulgaria was under the communist rule for 35 years. During this time Bulgaria was closed to the gospel and Christianity could only be practiced under strict rules and governed by officials. Because of this many Christian churches are new and hungry for God’s Word. At this time 59% of the country is Eastern Orthodox, 7.8% Muslim and only 1.7% protestant

All of these things provide a wide open door for us to minister to the lost, show them the hope they can have in Jesus and disciple and train up the saints. 

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