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Our journey to Bulgaria has been a long one. We have been waiting many years for God to finally say, “Go.” Sometimes we have felt like we’ve been in the wilderness with Joshua, waiting to finally cross over the Jordan to the Promised Land. But, God has always proven faithful in the waiting. The following are just some examples of God’s faithfulness to us during this time.

Selling our house-

In early 2014 we felt God calling us to sell our house. We had student loan debt that we didn’t want to take to the mission field with us and needed to get it paid off. We also knew that our house would not make a good rental property and might be a distraction for us on the mission field. So, after lots of prayer we felt God telling us to sell our house. We were hesitant at first because it was our first home. We brought 2 of our babies home there and we were scared that if we sold it we wouldn’t have anything to return home to. But, God proved faithful. He allowed us to buy during a low market and sell during a high market and make enough profit to pay off all debt and then some! So now, because of God’s faithfulness, we are able to move to the mission field debt free!

Preparing our hearts-

If we would have jumped on the first plane out of LAX the day we got married we know we would have failed. Although we had been praying for Bulgaria for many years, we weren’t ready, and God knew it. He had a lot of refining to do in us (and I am sure He's not finished). We have learned to wait on Him and rely on Him for His perfect timing. We have had many opportunities during this time to train for our journey so that we may prove ourselves workmen, worthy of the calling He has given us.

The waiting has been hard. We have wanted to just give up on ever going to Bulgaria and settle into our lives in California but God has continuously shown us He has other plans for us. We are constantly reminded that God is faithful through our journey and we need to be faithful to the calling God has placed on our lives. It is through the waiting we have learned to lean on Him, trust in His faithfulness and have faith that He will get us there.

Growing Business-

God has given us a successful, growing business and it is all because of Him. We opened the business in December 2011 without a penny in the bank and no idea what we were doing. We were forced to cling to God to get us through and He provided in a huge way and had all of our business debt paid off in the first year. It is only because of Him that the doors are still open and business is booming. The business also allowed Jessica to quit her nursing job and be a stay at home mom. This has all been possible only because of God. We didn’t do anything. God has been so faithful, allowing this business to grow and be a blessing and possibly be a huge foundation for financial support to get us to Bulgaria.

Stepping out in faith to go-

Even now as we step out in faith to go to Bulgaria He has proven faithful. In just the past 8 weeks He has opened doors that were never open before. He has used many different people and circumstances to confirm to us that this is His will and the time is now. It has been amazing to see all of this falling into place. Opportunities are falling into our laps, things we would have never even imagined or thought to ask for are falling into place without us doing anything. He is opening the door; He is making the way possible.

Now is the time and He has proven faithful in every step of the way. He has always proven faithful in everything. The previous examples are only a few in our lives and we know that as we continue to cling to Him and trust Him that we will have many more stories of His faithfulness in our future.

“He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.” 1 Thessalonians 5:24

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