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It’s finally here; the time has finally come for us to move. It has been a long time coming and we are filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. We are beyond excited and we are honored that the Lord has chosen us. We are also scared of all the unknowns. But, God is always faithful and we trust Him more now than we ever have. We also both have an incredible peace in this whole journey knowing that we are finally taking the big step to move and God will make everything work out on the way.

After a series of events in the past 8 weeks we have felt God opening the door to finally make the move. We have prayed and sought counsel from trusted people and we know that this is it; the time is now. We are so excited and honored that God has chosen us for this calling. The reality that it’s actually happening now is thrilling.

Our goal is to be on a plane in November but we have a few hurdles to jump before that can take place. First of all we will need to raise support and have 80% committed before we can take off. We don’t want to get out there and have to return right away for lack of funds. Second, we need to get our visas, which can take time. We are also trying to figure out if there is a way Matt can work a few days a week while we are there. If he can we will need to apply for a different type of visa is more difficult and expensive to get. And third, we have some hurdles with our business and knowing what to do with it. We are seeking God’s will in all of this and are praying for wisdom and guidance as we tackle these hurdles.

We have been praying to move to Bulgaria for 9 years. It has been a long, and at often times, discouraging journey. There were many days we just wanted to give up and start settling into life in California but God still had other plans. He called us to remain faithful to our calling and push forward to strive toward the goal of moving to Bulgaria. That’s what we did and now here we are, 9 years later, getting ready to move! We know God kept us here in California for many reasons. Jessica needed to finish nursing school and then get some nursing experience, we needed to pay off student loans and debts and most of all we needed to prepare our hearts. The last 9 years has given us so much experience under our belts and through those experiences we have learned to cling to God in every aspect of our lives. He has been refining us and maturing us in our spiritual walks, training us up to be good workmen, prepared for battle. And now, the time has come.

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