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Meetings and Decisions

We have spent the past 6 months waiting and trusting and we have now come to a place to take another step forward towards moving.

During our time of waiting and trusting we were praying about what to do with our business but we were waiting on certain things to fall into place before we could act on any decision. Now, after a few meetings this week with different people to discuss multiple options for our business, we believe that we have 2 solid options. Both are very different in nature and both have their pros and cons. Both can be risky in different ways, but both can also be profitable in different ways.

With the knowledge we have gleaned over the past few weeks we have some tough decisions ahead. We are praying that God will show us which path to choose. Neither are bad, but neither are easy, so we really are asking God to make it clear to us to know which way to steer our business.

We don’t mean to sound vague and apologize if it seems that way, but right now we aren’t ready to share all the details. We are writing this post because we need your prayers. We have a very hard, important decision ahead of us and we need you to be praying on our behalf that God would show us which path to choose. We don’t want our flesh or our desires to get in the way but truly want only what God wants. Please be praying for us over these next few weeks as we seek God’s answer. Pray that God would give us wisdom and clarity to make the decision that He wants us to make.

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