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Our Adoption Journey

It is National Adoption Awareness Month!

Most of you know by now that we are in the process of adoption. For that reason, this month brings a whole new meaning to our family as we go through the process of adopting our little one.

We know that because distance separates us from many of our friends and family, we cannot just sit on the couch and tell all the details of our personal adoption story. Because of that, we want to begin writing out our story for you all to read. We want to share our hearts for adoption with you; we want to share God’s heart for adoption with you. What a more fitting month to do it in than National Adoption Awareness Month?

So, because this is such a great month, we have chosen to post parts of our adoption story throughout November. We are not putting a pause on our regular ministry here in Bulgaria, just choosing to focus our posts on adoption in November.

We will be utilizing our Facebook page, Instagram and blog site to post our story. Some posts will be longer parts of our story, which will be posted here on our blog. Some posts will be short and sweet with maybe just a picture or quote that has influenced us in this journey; others will introduce you to some of our “village” and the people who have helped us along the way. Some posts will be heavy, some will be light. Whatever it is, it is part of our heart, part of God’s heart and part of our adoption journey. So, we ask that you just pretend like we’re relaxing on the couch, enjoying a cup of coffee together and enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: We do not claim to be professional writers or editors; I think we are just the opposite. These posts will most likely have grammatical errors and run on sentences but please, ignore the mistakes and listen to our hearts as we share. Also, we are not photographers and use only old iPhones with mostly bad lighting so please, don’t expect fantastic photos! Again, just come along on this journey with us and enjoy!

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