Adoption Journey Part 1: Why?

“Why do you want to adopt?”

That is the #1 question we get asked. Whether it is filling out applications, having interviews with the social workers or just speaking to people on the street, that is the burning question.

The answer is simple. We have been called.

We actually believe that every Christian has been called to care for orphans and widows in some capacity.

The Bible states clearly in James 1:27 “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress."

This looks different for every person but for us it comes in the form of actually welcoming a little child into our home. A child who would otherwise be neglected in an orphanage, without a family of its own.

We have been called to love on, cherish and raise this little one as our own and to give him/her a FOREVER home, just as Jesus has given us a forever home (Read Eph. 1:3-14, you won't be disappointed!).

Some backstory…

We have talked about the possibility of adopting for many years. From the time we got married we knew it was something we always wanted to at least research and see if it was right for our family.

We wanted to have our own biological children first and then adopt following the birth order or our kids. However, the timing just never seemed right. We were working, building a business, still having our own kids and then we were preparing to move to Bulgaria.

Despite all of our excuses, God was working.

In early 2016 I was pregnant with our 4th child. A child that was loved, wanted and cherished. Yet, a child who God decided to take for reasons we will never fully comprehend. We were torn, and still are, but we chose to glorify God through the trial.

Through that trial we learned that we had room in our hearts for another child. Our little baby in heaven was used to lead us toward adoption and show us that we really were ready for another.

Now, I want to add here that adopting was NOT a second choice for us or plan B. We are not adopting to try to replace the baby we lost, that baby can never be replaced. This new little one we are welcoming in is wanted and loved despite what has happened in the past.

God just used our heartache to show us that we were ready for adoption. We didn’t know when, we didn’t know how but the love was starting to brew.

That is just the beginning. Over the next month we will continue to share how God is orchestrating this whole journey to bring us to our little one. Stay tuned…

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