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Summers over, Switching gears

Well that summer was fast, at least it feels that way now that we live in an area that gets all the seasons. If we were still living in California, it would only be know that fall is coming because Hobby Lobby started selling decorations with orange leaves and pumpkins. (Actually we all know that starts the day after the 4th of July, am I right?) Our kids have started school back up at home with Jess, and I am beginning to take them back to their sports 5 days a week. Levi is doing Judo again and Jesse is also continuing to do futbol (soccer). Aaron is counting down the days until he turns 6 to play futbol which is over a year from now but they don't have sports in this area for Aarons age group. So for now he will be practicing on the sidelines.

As for ministry it means some of our weekly and monthly ministries start back up. The teenagers are back for English Discussion Outreach and now that the families from church are back from their summer vacations, we have begun our local Church's Mens Discipleship group again. Also at this time our church starts back up the childrens ministry, which our boys have greatly missed.

This past summer's Teen Bible Camp went great with the help we had from another Calvary Murrieta all-star missions team. Below is a short video of just some of the fun, teaching, and worship. ENJOY!

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