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Photo Gallery and Update: Back In Bulgaria

We are back in Bulgaria!

Praise God that even during a global pandemic we were able to fly back to where God has called us to do ministry. Since we have been back we have felt something that we haven’t felt before when arriving to Bulgaria. It kind of felt like home. It might be because it has been three years since we moved on the mission field or it might have been because this trip back to the States did not feel like home for obvious reasons. Whatever it was from, it was comforting to feel that way, considering most families with small children in these times probably think we’re a little nuts to be flying to eastern Europe.

Since we have been back ministry has been awesome!

Below are updates along with how you can be praying for each one.

Evangelism in Shipka has been great and the people in the town seem to be less worried of the virus then before we left. Remember, we did not leave Bulgaria until things were really locking down and the rumors of the virus had already spread throughout the whole county. Because of this, evangelism as a foreigner was more difficult than usual back in March than it is now. Pray for those people who we share with that they would accept Christ as their savior.

The Sofia Fathers and Sons ministry needed to be kicked off again so we planned a fishing and camping trip in September. It was a great time of fellowship and it seemed to attract more Fathers and Sons than our normal meetings. Pray that the new fathers that came would continue to come to our meetings in pursuit of learning how to disciple their little men. Remember we are closely following the teachings and topics from the book Raising A Modern Day Knight which has a great description and outline of Biblical Manhood.

As for ministry in Troyan we are very happy to announce that our long awaited “Go In Peace curriculum for men” has finally taken its first steps. In the beginning of October we had the opportunity to take a few men through it and they seem eager to complete it. Please pray for three things regarding this. First, that the curriculum (which focuses on guiding men into a deeper relationship with the Lord) is effective and fruitful and that other men in the church would be inspired to draw closer to God as well. Second, that other churches that we have good relationships with would be interested in having their men use the curriculum and third, that other Bulgarian men would become effective leaders in taking other men through it, without the need of our presence since the curriculum has a student workbook and leaders manual.

Lastly, our home church here in the Troyan region recently experienced our pastor move away to serve in a different city and because of this we have been blessed to see, our Truth and Hope Foundation employee, Nikki step way up into the shoes of leading the church. Nikki has not been ordained as a pastor yet but his love for the Lord and commitment to serve the church has made him appear to the elders as the appropriate man for the job. Please pray with us for the church in its time of transition and for Nikki as he now has a very great but very large new responsibility.

Thank you for reading! If you would like to stay more frequently up to date with us please follow our social media pages. Our Facebook is LedtoBulgaria and our Instagram is Led2Bulgaria.

Please enjoy the very large and out of order photos below!

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