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Reentry Support

Hello faithful supporters!

After 5 years, our life as missionaries in Bulgaria is coming to an end. On April 13 we will be moving back to the States. If you would like more details you can watch our video here…

When we moved here we didn’t know if we would be able to make it financially. 10% of our income comes directly from the church and the remaining 90% comes from individual donors like you. The past 5 years have required a lot of faith in God to provide for our needs through people like you. We cannot thank you enough for giving to our family and our ministry during this time. It has been a blessing and encouragement and we truly couldn’t have done this without you.

When we return on April 13 we will be in California for 3-4 weeks while we have some meetings and prepare for the next stage of our lives. After that time we will move and settle in another state (to be decided, God knows! lol). Matt has job offers in a few different places so we are praying through what is best for our family.

The first few months back in the States will be very costly for us. We sold everything when we moved to Bulgaria and now we will need to start all over again. We will need to purchase furniture, appliances, household items, a car, and provide first and last months rent, among other expenses.

That being said, we would ask you to pray about continuing your financial support for 3 months after we return to the States. This is also a time that we would gratefully accept one time donations to help get us back on our feet. Calvary Murrieta will hold our online giving account open and receive funds for us for 90 days upon returning to the States so funds can be given, tax deductible, through Calvary’s giving site, until July 15. Here is the link for the giving site. Please be sure to choose "Laster, Matt" from the drop down menu!

Please pray about continuing to give until July 15 or giving a one time donation to help us get back on our feet. It would be such a huge blessing to our family!

God Bless You,

Matt and Jessica Laster

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